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There is peace of mind knowing you have access to your entire Stormwater program in the palm of your hand.
Access any of your data while conducting inspections in the field.  Map your outfalls, update existing locations of the fly while field verify your existing data.  And start an illicit discharge investigation all before going back to the office.  There is nothing to download in order to start taking advantage of all the benefits that MS4web has to offer.  Simply log in and go to work!  MS4web is compatible with all internet ready devices and is optimized for Chrome.

Need to notify an Operator or Site owner immediately?  With MS4web you can email your findings from the field making corrections to deficiancies a faster and more efficient process for both you and your contractor.

Too many active construction projects and not enough you?  Add your contractor to your MS4web account and assign them to ONLY their site.  They will only be able to see the information for their site and conduct inspections on the sites you specify using forms that you have created inside MS4web!
Anywhere at Anytime, nothing to download.  Login and GO!
MS4web is compatible with any IOS, Android & Microsoft tablets and laptops.
See more...
A lot of the time a spreadsheet can't tell the whole story.  Being able to see your data in a map across your MS4 area allows you to better understand what is going on and how best to deploy the resources you have in order to make improvements to your stormwater program.

We also give you the ability to show your GIS layers in our system giving you even more information to better track down potential illicit discharges as well as other issues where being able to see under the surface will make all the difference!

It's also just plain convenient to be able to associate the information inside of your program with where it actually lives your in your MS4 area as you can see here in the split screen showing both the map and the underlying information.
MS4web  Map Screenshot 1
MS4web Map Screenshot 2
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Collecting data can a lot of the time be the easy part.  What to do with all of the data you are collecting and how to keep it organized can be difficult.
MS4web paper stack
The starting point...
Your stormwater management plan creates a LOT of data.  And that data needs to be accessible by you and your team at a moments notice.
The Goal
All of your compliance activities, stormwater inspections, photos and back up documentation all in one place.  Neatly organized, easy to access and ready to show all of the hard work that you and your team do year in and year out in order to stay in compliance with your NPDES permit.
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The Solution!
The MS4web platform enables you to organize all aspects of your stormwater management program.  Your data will be saved in a manner that makes sense not only to you but to every team member allowing you to spend more time analyzing your data and improving your best management practices and the water quality of your MS4 and less time worrying about how to keep up with all of that data!
Let Me Show You How it Works:
MS4web inspection screenshot 1
Step #1: Type of inspection
Simply choose what type of stormwater inspection you are conducting, routine, follow-up, rain event, etc.  Need different types? Less types? More types? No problem!  You can make those changes, and we can show you how.
Step #2: Fill out the form
Answer all of the questions, add any additional comments and corrective actions that need to happen.  You control the questions and if you need additional forms you have control over that as well.
Step #3: That's it! You're done!
Add photos or other attachments to your inspection if necessary.  You can also schedule follow-up inspections, add the weather all with a simple click!  How easy is that?
MS4web inspection screenshot 2
MS4web Export Icon
Exporting is the way to go!
Along with creating the inspection reports as show above you can create asset reports, outfalls summary reports, construction summary reports and more.  The best report though is the one you can sort and filter yourself.  Export all of your data in excel format so you can get the exact data you need, when you need it.
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